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The Orchestra Of Polish Radio and TV in Katowice was initiated in 1974. The founder and first director/conductor was Jerzy Milian, an outstanding jazz vibraphonist.

In the course of its activity the Orchestra recorded pop and jazz music and cooperated with best vocalists/singers and instrumentalists. It broadcast TV shows and took part in the biggest music festivals in Poland. The Orchestra gave concerts abroad in Hungary, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Germany and Russia. It was dissolved in 1991.

At the beginning of December 2013 a group of former musicians and faithful fans decided to reactivate the Jerzy Milian Orchestra. On January 4, 2014, a historic concert of the re-enacted orchestra, from now onwards known as the Big Band Milian Orchestra, took place at the home of Polish Radio Katowice. The repertoire has changed too, and at present it ranges from swing, soul, jazz-rock to blues etc.

In August 2016 the Big Band performed at the Traditional Jazz Festival in Rybnik, with a solo participation of Vaughn Roberts from New Zealand. The Big Band Milian Orchestra successfully performs various swing music genres as well as popular jazz standards.

At present the conductor of the Big Band is a distinguished pianist, educator and lecturer at the Jazz Department of the Music Academy in Katowice, professor Andrzej Zubek.

Enclosed please find a short DEMO. We should appreciate a possibility of performing at your festiwal.

With kind regards,
Milian Orchestra



Marian Koziak - alto sax
Michał Kozioł - alto sax
Artur Kika - tenor sax
Kazimierz Szkutnik - tenor sax
Joachim Ziebura - baritone sax


Bogdan Wysocki
Michał Pradela
Klaudiusz Kłosek
Tadeusz Pacan


Konstanty Janiak
Szymon Piątek

Rhythmic section

Romuald Gizdoń - piano
Adam Banach - guitar
Ryszard Machel - bass guitar
Henryk Stanoszek - drums


Andrzej Zubek


Kazimierz Wnęczak

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